21 May 2018

Your personal information. You just have to give this information to us, because that is what you have to do if you want to order something. But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. That is what we will tell you here. Do you have any questions after reading this, please let us know via our customer service.


Very safe

All information that you give us is protected with the most modern techniques. Anybody that has nothing to do with your information, simply cannot access it. Do we give your information to anyone else – below you will read in which case we do – then we demand that the other one is just as careful with your data as we are and that the data is only used for the purpose of which he has received it. If you feel that this is not the case, please let us know via our customer service.



Often, we use your information to make your shopping experience as personal as possible. We customize what you see on to your interests. For example, we use data from previous orders, your IP address and surf and search behavior kept in cookies. Below you can read more about cookies.


What we do with your data

We use your data for different purposes. You will read more about the purposes after this. We use the data you give us, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

Delivering your order

For your order, we need your name, email address, address(es), paying information and in some cases your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We give your information to others when needed for an order, for example to our distribution centre and shipping company’s. And if you order at a remote seller on, we give your data to this seller. We demand from our remote seller that he processes your data just as carefully as we do.

Your account

In your account on, we store the following information: your name, address(es), phone number, e-mail address, shipping and payment information and specified information and interests (for example, if you give us your birth date). Convenient, because you don’t have to re-enter this information each time. We also process information about your previous orders so that you can easily find this again.

Customer service

You can call us and sent us a WhatsApp message. To be able to help you quickly with your questions, we use your information and make annotations that we save. Useful if you call us again. Data of the telephone conversation with you are registered and we also save WhatsApp messages. This helps us to analyse and improve our services. After one year this information will be removed. Sometimes we use another party for giving answers to your questions. This party may use your information for this purpose.


Sometimes we use another party to perform repairs to products that you have purchased with us. This party may use your information for this purpose.


You can sign up for our various newsletters. So you stay informed of our offers, promotions and our news. We have general and personal newsletters. The personal newsletters, we put together based on your data, such as previous orders. This makes the newsletter more interesting for you. If you don’t like to receive newsletters from us any more, then sign off here.


We love reviews. And our customers as well. If you would like to write a review, you can choose yourself whether your personal information “your name” will be visible to other visitors and whether we might contact you about your review. We keep track who writes which review.


If you participate in a promotion or contest, we ask you your name, address and e-mail address. With this information we can carry out the promotion or contest and announce the winner(s). We also measure the response to our advertising promotions.

Personal shopping

We sell so many items in our store that we want to make the shopping easier for you. For example by us pointing out articles that are interesting for you. This is done based on your previous visits to our website. We use cookies and your IP address, but also your order history with us and your interests you informed us about. In addition, we and our ad networks and media agencies show you ads. This is done based on your previous visits to our website and the websites of third parties. We and our ad networks and media agencies collect this information when you are surfing, searching, and buying based on cookie techniques, your IP address and the number that is associated with the device that you use.

Read more about cookies and how you can reject them if you want to.


Improving our store and services

We’re always working to improve our services. Therefore, we can use your data or ask if you want to join us in an informal customer or market research. Sometimes others will preform that research for us. We will give the researchers your email address. The researchers must, of course, also comply with our privacy rules. For example, at the end of the research they must delete your email address.



No one likes fraud, neither do we. This is why we use customer information in order to investigate and prevent any fraud. When we have to, we will give customer information to the Government.


Buying from remote sellers

On also other sellers offer their equipment. If you buy something from another seller on, you can contact that seller using a Web form. processes the messages, which you send to that seller. So we can help you if you have any questions or problems. And we use these messages to be able to improve our store.


Social media

If you use social media, such as Facebook, then you can login on our website with your social media account. When you are logged in, you can like an article, and then this article will pop up on your social media account. cannot gain access to your social media account. But you can share articles that you like or find useful with your friends. If you ask a question to us through social media, then we keep that message and your account name so that we can respond to your post.


What do we do with your data?

We never use your data to show you other prices then we show other customers in the same country. All our clients in the same country will see the same prices for our articles and products. We will never sell your information to others.


IS Your INFORMATION INcorrect or do YOU have other questions?

Is your information incorrect or do you want to consult or remove your information, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are ready to help you.



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